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    DashGator -



    Mesaje : 1668
    Data de inscriere : 08/04/2012

    DashGator -

    Mesaj  danides2 la data de 11.04.18 6:52

    Earn up to 0.000006 DASH per click
    Earn 30% per referral click
    Minimum withdrawal is just 0.02 Dash

    ** 1 ** A different option of using processor payments beside DASH: Neo, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BlackCoin, DASH coin, DigiByte and many others in the future.

    ** 2 **Lending Pack
    Most profitable part of DASH ecosystem is DASH Lending. Anyone can lend their DASH coins and make the huge daily profit from their investments with the lowest risk.
    For example, 1 Lending Pack is worth 0.02 Dash coins and you will receive 110% = 0.036 Dash coin after 180days

    ** 3 ** Tokens, something unique in
    DashGator Token is our virtual currency. You may redeem DashGator tokens in your account balance in DASH units which can be used for our services or for cashout.
    The exchange rate of tokens is 2:1 into your Account Balance - 2 DashGator tokens = 0.00000001. You can Convert your DashGator Tokens from Account Page under "Convert DashGator Tokens."

    ** 4 ** To bust your profit you will have to have Miners.
    Miners are users like you who have registered in DashGator.
    There are two ways of getting “Miners”:
    • Refer Miners
    • Buy Miners
    You can buy miners on DashGator and will be yours for a lifetime.

    Hired Miners are miners that you hire! You can hire a miner that will earn for you for 30 days. The Miner can be extended for more time of your choosing. You can Fire your Miner (recycle) and Hire a new one.

    We guarantee 100% that our miners are active at least 30days!

    ** 5 ** Affiliate Challenge
    As a member of DashGator, you will be challenged and you will be rewarded!
    We mean that the 3 best affiliates with the most in the first line will get free DASH coins. The winners will be rewarded at the end of the challenge. Sign up to participate in the affiliate challenge and win up to 2 DASH Coins!

    ** 6 ** Upgrade Membership
    Per Advertisement Click :100%
    Per Miners Click :100%
    Direct Miners Limit :Unlimited
    Hired Miners Limit :4000
    Days Cashout Time :7
    Days Hiring Miners Time :7

    ** 7 ** BlockMining
    Block Mining Dash is easy to play, just break ore mine the blocks and you have the chance to win up to 0.000000060 DASH!

    ** 8 ** Add Funds
    You will get 20% BONUS when you will add funds with: DASH, Neo, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BlackCoin, DASH coin, DigiByte!

    DASHGATOR - Register a free account

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