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    Mesaje : 1537
    Data de inscriere : 08/04/2012

    EvergreenAdz -

    Mesaj  danides2 la data de 02.04.17 9:18

    Earning at Evergreenadz
    Bonus points are what turn into ads for you to earn by viewing. You'll start with bonus points to help you get started. Then you'll be able to earn bonus points in three ways:

    1. By viewing bonus point ads you will earn bonus points

    2. If you purchase bulk advertising then bonus points are awarded to you as a BONUS As a BONUS every 1.00 spent in bulk advertising awards 2300 bonus points!

    3. You can play games to increase your bonus points How Do Bonus Points Turn into Ads? Each bonus point is worth .0005 in ads. Points are turned into ads as fast as possible to keep pace with advertisers placing ads.

    Why how many bonus points you have is important. HIGHER VALUE ADS ARE GIVEN TO THOSE THAT HAVE MORE BONUS POINTS. Higher value ads are given to the highest tiers with the highest tier getting the most. There are ten tiers to determine the value of ads you will receive:

    Tier 10 100,000,000+ Bonus Points
    Tier 9 11,500,000 to 100,000,000 Bonus Points
    Tier 8 2,300,000 to 11,500,000 Bonus Points
    Tier 7 1,150,000 to 2,300,000 Bonus Points
    Tier 6 460,000 to 1,150,000 Bonus Points
    Tier 5 230,000 to 460,000 Bonus Points
    Tier 4 92,000 to 230,000 Bonus Points
    Tier 3 23,000 to 92,000 Bonus Points
    Tier 2 11,500 to 23,000 Bonus Points
    Tier 1 Zero to 11,500 Bonus Points

    Affiliate Program:
    Why Invite Your Friends to Evergreenadz? This is awesome, every ad that your referral clicks on you get 5% of its ad value!
    Even more awesome is every advertising purchase(deposits only) your referral makes you get 10% in commissions!

    Minimum cashout is $2
    Accept Payeer, Payza, STP, Perfect money, Bitcoin, OkPay
    Daily Ads
    View Ads Worth Dollars
    Quick Payment
    Bonus Games

    New site like Paidverts! uses legal EvolutionScript license

    EVERGREENADZ - Welcome to Evergreenadz

      Acum este: 22.05.18 1:47